Telecom fiber optic jumper wire and network level jump line profile

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-13

the choose and buy when the fiber optic jumper have you noticed that some of the products with the characteristics of the telecommunication level quality

in the market and at the same time the network level fiber optic jumper, what kind of quality is better? Through the study in this paper, fiber optic jumper wire together telecommunication and network related knowledge!

what is grade telecom fiber optic jumper?

telecommunication level is one of the jumpers, fiber optic jumpers are usually thicker protective layer, commonly used in optical transceiver and terminal box quality connection. In multimode telecom scale jumper wire, wire core diameter and human hair thickness, for 505 m 15 `, grade and single mode of telecom fiber optic jumper wire diameter as 8 ` 105 m. Outsourcing core with a layer of refractive index is lower than the core glass envelope, protection, outside of a thin layer of plastic wrap.

what is a network level jump line?

network level jump line it is bigger than the telecommunication level jump line attenuation, the attenuation general qian condition will be greater than zero. 2 db, are likely to appear on the data packet loss.

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