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What should we do if the fiber optic cable fails? Solutions to common fiber optic cable faults

What should we do if the fiber optic cable fails? Solutions to common fiber optic cable faults


1. Line failure caused by the cable itself

(1) Natural fiber breakage: Since the optical cable is made of glass and plastic fibers, it is relatively fragile, and static fatigue will occur over time, and the optical cable will gradually age and cause natural fiber breakage. Or the splice box is flooded, resulting in increased fiber loss or even fiber breakage.


(2) Effect of ambient temperature: If the temperature is too low, the water in the splice box will freeze, the cable sheath will shrink longitudinally, and the pressure on the optical fiber will cause micro-bending, which will increase the attenuation or interrupt the optical fiber. If the temperature is too high, it is easy to damage the cable sheath and other protective materials and affect the characteristics of the optical fiber.

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2. Line failure caused by human factors

(1) Work failure: Human failure caused by technicians in maintenance, installation and other activities. For example, when the optical fiber is connected, the optical fiber is scratched, the bending radius of the optical fiber is too small; the running optical cable is cut off by mistake when the optical fiber is spliced; Broken fiber.

(2) Stealing: criminals steal and cut the optical cable, causing the optical cable to be blocked.

(3) Destruction: Man-made sabotage, causing the cable to be blocked.

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