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What are the common problems of fiber and optic cables?

What are the common problems of fiber and optic cables?


Q1: What is optical fiber? Is there a difference between optical fiber and fiber optic cable?

Answer: Optical fiber is a fine and flexible medium that transmits light beams. It is the abbreviation of optical fiber. The most commonly used product of optical fiber used in integrated wiring is the glass core for light transmission. The core is usually a double-layer concentric cylinder made of quartz glass with a small cross-sectional area, which is brittle and easy to break, so an external protective layer is required. Optical fiber is used in idioms far beyond its own meaning. It can represent either the fiber core, the fiber optic cable, the fiber optic cabling system or even the fiber optic communication system. However, in order to accurately define the products of each part of the optical fiber cabling system, the general optical fiber refers to the core part, and the optical fiber cable is the finished cable composed of the optical fiber as the transmission unit.

Q2: What are the classifications of optical cables?

Answer: According to the type of fiber core, it can be divided into: single-mode optical cable and multi-mode optical cable according to the laying method: self-supporting overhead optical cable, pipeline optical cable, armored buried optical cable and submarine optical cable. According to the optical cable structure, it is divided into: bundled optical cable, layered optical cable, skeleton optical cable, tightly hugging optical cable, ribbon optical cable, non-metallic optical cable and branchable optical cable. According to the application: long-distance communication optical cable, short-distance outdoor optical cable, hybrid optical cable and optical cable for building Fiber optic cables and fiber optic cables for use in buildings

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Q3: What is the difference between multimode fiber and single mode fiber?

Answer: Multimode fiber: a fiber that can propagate electromagnetic waves in multiple modes, while a single-mode fiber can only transmit a single fundamental mode fiber. Compared with single-mode fiber, multimode fiber has a larger core, but the dispersion is much larger, and the transmission capacity Smaller and shorter transmission distance.

Q4: What is the transmission distance of the optical cable in the national standard?

Answer: It is stipulated in the GB50311 national standard that the transmission distance of multi-mode optical cable is 2km, and the transmission distance of single-mode optical cable is 3km. Note here that 2km and 3km are the limits specified in the GB50311 standard range, not the medium limit. Generally speaking, the use of multi-mode optical cable in communication is within 500 meters, while the non-relay communication distance of single-mode optical cable is generally 60 km.

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