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Does Fiber Hope Fiber Optic Cable provide EXW for ADSS cable?

Does Fiber Hope Fiber Optic Cable provide EXW for ADSS cable?


Please be clear about the differences between every pricing and contact Fiber Hope Optical Communication Tech Co., Ltd. to ensure what type of pricing is required. When ADSS cable is priced at EXW amount, we're just in charge of packaging the products and making them accessible at a specified location such as the warehouse. In the event the dispatch is by air, EXW pricing might be much better than other pricing.

Fiber Hope Fiber Optic Cable is an excellent multicore cable supplier in China and has undertaken many 24 core fiber optic cable production tasks for years. multicore cable produced by Fiber Hope Fiber Optic Cable is very popular in the market. Fiber Hope FTTH cable has passed various tests before it reaches the customer. It has to undergo a visual inspection, continuity test, insulation resistance test, and leakage test. The transmission speed of this product is fast with clear and stable signal. The product has won wide recognition from customers and a wide prospect of application. It has some mechanical properties such as pressure resistance and tensile strength.

Fiber Hope aims to create the best atmosphere to achieve the best value for each person. Call or send an inquiry!!

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