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Photoelectric composite cable

Photoelectric composite cable


It refers to the transmission line used in the broadband access network system. It is a new type of access method. It integrates optical fiber and transmission copper wire, which can solve the problems of broadband access, equipment power consumption and signal transmission.

Application :

(1) Communication far power supply system;

(2) Short-distance communication system power supply.


(1) The outer diameter is small, the weight is light, and the occupied space is small (usually a series of problems can be solved by using multiple cables, where a composite cable can be used instead);

(2) The customer has low procurement cost, low construction cost and low network construction cost;

(3) It has excellent bending performance and good side pressure resistance, and it is convenient to construct;

(4) Simultaneously provide a variety of transmission technologies, with high adaptability and scalability, and wide application;

(5) Provide huge bandwidth access;

(6) Cost saving, using the optical fiber as a reserved for the household, avoiding secondary wiring;

(7) Solving the problem of equipment power consumption in network construction (avoiding repeated deployment of power supply lines)

Structure and composition:

(1) Optical fiber: optical signal receiving interface

(2) Copper wire: power interface

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