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Cross connection and interconnection method of optical fiber and cable

Cross connection and interconnection method of optical fiber and cable


1. Are single-mode and multi-mode technologies produced at the same time? Is it more advanced?

Single-mode and multi-mode are not more advanced. Generally, multi-mode is used for short distances, and single-mode is used for far ones, because multi-mode fiber transceivers are much cheaper than single-mode ones. Therefore, it is not to say that one of them is better and more advanced, but to choose different fiber optic cables according to different needs.

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2. Are the fiber optic cables used for servers and storage devices single-mode or multi-mode?

Servers and storage devices mostly use multi-mode fiber optic cables.

3. Single-mode fiber is used for long-distance transmission, and multi-mode fiber is used for indoor data transmission, right?

Long-distance can only use single mode, but indoor data transmission does not necessarily use multi-mode.

4. Does the optical fiber have to be used one by one?

Yes, it is generally used one to one.

5. Are there any equipment such as single-hole single-mode fiber signal converters?

Does this question mean to receive and emit light on a fiber? This is possible, China Telecom's 1600G backbone optical fiber network is like this.

These are some of the questions frequently asked by customers. I sorted them out by the way, hoping to help friends in need. 

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