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What is pigtail?Introduction to the classification of fiber pigtails

What is pigtail?Introduction to the classification of fiber pigtails


Pigtails are also called bare optical fibers and pigtails. One end of the pigtail has a fiber optic connector, and the other end is a broken end of the fiber optic cable core. Fiber core stubs are fused to minimize insertion loss. The structure of pigtails and jumpers is very similar. In simple terms, the jumper is cut from the middle to form two pigtails. Pigtails have a variety of different connectors, common pigtails are usually 0.9mm in diameter and installed in the ODF unit.

Pigtails are mainly divided into single-core pigtails, dual-core pigtails, 4-core pigtails, 12-core bundled pigtails, 12-color bundled pigtails, SC bundled pigtails, FC bundled pigtails, and LC bundled pigtails fiber and ST bundled pigtail, etc. There are many types of pigtails supplied by Shengwei cable:

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Multimode (OM1, OM2, OM3), single mode (OS2) according to fiber mode;

There are single fiber, double fiber and multiple fibers according to the number of fibers;

There are PC, UPC and APC according to the type of grinding and polishing of the connector.

Pigtails have an outer jacket that protects tightly buffered cables from damage. The outer jacket can be easily stripped when space permits, so the pigtail has a tighter bend radius and takes up less space.

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In addition, pigtails are divided into single-mode pigtails and multi-mode pigtails, which can be distinguished by color, wavelength, and transmission distance. The color of the outer sheath of the multimode pigtail is orange OM1/OM2 and lake blue OM3, the wavelength of the multimode pigtail is 850nm, the transmission distance is 500m, and it is used for short distance connection; while the outer sheath color of the single mode pigtail is yellow , the wavelength is 1310nm or 1550nm, and its transmission distance is longer, up to 10km or 40km.

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