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Why fiber optic connectors fail?

Why fiber optic connectors fail?


Optical fiber connectors are suitable for high-speed optical fiber links. High-loss optical fiber connectors may cause network failures. Do troubleshooting.

1. What are the faults of fiber optic connectors?

The failure of the fiber optic connector may be related to the ferrule, such as cracks, notches, slight bends, cut off, micro cracks, etc. inside the ferrule. In addition to these, it is also related to the optical fiber, such as too much/not enough epoxy resin Or there are unreasonable assembly processes such as air bubbles, as well as reasons such as peeling and improper curling.

2. Three major causes of fiber optic connector failure

Reason 1: The end face is dirty;

Point 1: Light spreads poorly or not at all;

Point 2: The light is reflected back to the connection point, back to the transmission point, causing the device to malfunction

Reason: When there are contaminants on the fiber end face, light may not pass through the fiber end face, resulting in poor fiber loss performance.

Treatment method: You can check and clean the end faces repeatedly to ensure that the end faces are clean before pairing.

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Reason 2: Exceeding the bending radius

Point 1: Exceeding the bending radius, resulting in high loss;

Point 2: Loss that seriously affects the entire link

Reason: Excessive bending of optical cables will cause fiber loss, which we call macrobend loss, which usually occurs during installation;

Solution: Make reasonable bends according to the supplier's cable bending tolerance specification. If the cable bends in your installation environment exceed the minimum bending radius, it is recommended that you use bend-insensitive fibers. Usually, the minimum bend radius of bend-insensitive fibers is 10mm.

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Reason 3: Dislocation

Point 1: High Loss

Point 2: Loss that seriously affects the entire link

Reason: Excessive insertion loss is usually caused by fiber misalignment and different fiber materials, there are extrinsic and intrinsic factors:

What To Do: Make Sure You Buy Quality Components From Reliable Component Manufacturers

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