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New product:24F /48F MT-LC patchcord

New product:24F /48F MT-LC patchcord


24F /48F MT-LC patchcord,It is the latest product developed by Fiber Hope, and the length can be customized according to customer requirements.


24 /48-fiber MT-LC patch cords used in the parallel light optical transceiver module-(QSFP、SFP), the connection to the optical lens and External Port. The total length of the tolerance is short, so that the connection can be realized in the small gap space of the equipment.


Improves and simplifies fiber routing

Transmission rate: 40Gbps/100Gbp

 Simple structure easy to locate

 High quality Ferrule, High Density


Parallel light optical transceiver module

 Military Application

Super computers

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Know more information and get a quote, please contact fiber hope manufacturer: sales001@fh-fiber.com.

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