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Characteristics and applications of high density (MTP/MPO) fiber jumper

Characteristics and applications of high density (MTP/MPO) fiber jumper


High-density fiber jumper is MTP/MPO fiber jumper, mainly composed of MTP/MPO connector (but also MTP/ mpo-lc /SC/FC) and optical cable, which has the advantages of small diameter, small volume, large density, generally used in large data center, wan and other high-density wiring environment.

High density fiber jumper types and advantages

In terms of characteristics, the advantages of high-density fiber jumper are very obvious.Firstly, high-density fiber jumper has the characteristics of small diameter and volume, which can effectively save wiring space and is very suitable for high-density wiring.Due to the good optical and mechanical properties of high-density fiber jumper, the insertion loss is low.The connector of high-density fiber jumper adopts push-pull latching structure, which is easy to install and remove and saves time.

High-density fiber jumper can be divided into 8 cores, 12 cores, 24 cores, 48 cores, 72 cores and 144 cores according to the number of fiber cores.High-density fiber jumper can be divided into single mode and multi-mode high-density fiber jumper according to different types of fiber.The high-density single-mode fiber jumper is usually yellow, which is used for long-distance transmission.Multimode high-density fiber jumper is usually aqua blue or rose red, used for short distance transmission.

High-density fiber jumper can be divided into main fiber jumper and branch fiber jumper according to whether the fiber has branches or not.MTP connector is adopted at both ends of the main fiber jumper. The diameter of the cable is generally 3.0mm, with relatively low insertion loss and reflection loss.Branch fiber jumper is that one end adopts MTP connector and the other end adopts LC connector, SC connector and other different types (LC connector is the most common). Its branch cable diameter is generally 2.0/0.9mm. Due to the number of branch fiber jumper cores, it can be widely used in high-density wiring environment.

Application of high density fiber jumper

High-density optical fiber jumper can be used in local area network, wide area network, backbone network, large data center room, communication base station, cable TV, optical fiber communication system, building dense wiring system, such as residential area, industrial park, fiber distribution and other high-density wiring environment.

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