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Thanks for Uruguay customers business!

Thanks for Uruguay customers business!


Customers in Uruguay countries have purchased our MPO OM3 fiber patch cord products, thank you for your trust and support!


Fiber Optic patch cords terminated with MPO connectors are specifically designed for Data Center system.
24 core MPO female-MPO male OM3 patch cable is assembled with good quality Senko brand MPO connector and 50/125 multimode OM3-300 fiber optic cable. A combination of high quality branded components and ORC's manufacturing quality control guarantees products are of the highest standard. 


Product applications include Backbone installationOptical fiber communication system, CATV, LANs and WANs, FTTx40G and 100G optics system, QSFP module Telecommunication network FTTx, FTTD, FTTB, FTTH networks

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