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How to choose fiber type?

How to choose fiber type?


There are mainly 4 types of optical fibers:

1. G652D single-mode optical fiber products are widely used in metropolitan area networks and access networks with relatively high cost performance;

2. G.655 single-mode fiber fully optimizes the attenuation and dispersion performance of the 1550nm working window. The dispersion attenuation in the 1550nm window is the smallest and has an appropriate amount of dispersion, which fully meets the C-band (1530~1565nm) and L-band (1565~1625nm) operation Transmission requirements for windowed multi-channel Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) system. To achieve large-capacity and ultra-long-distance transmission;

3. G.657A1 single-mode fiber is a low-water peak fiber that is not sensitive to bending. It is mostly used in FTTH fiber homes, local area networks, access networks, and other fields;

4. G.657A2 single-mode fiber is a single-mode fiber with better bending performance. It has a smaller bending radius and is less sensitive. It is mainly used in FTTH network wiring and installation environments that require small bending radius fibers.


The above are the application fields and characteristics of singlemode optical fiber , and the selection of optical fibers is also based on the field of use and product structure.

We hope it will be helpful to choose fiber type. If there is anything unclear, please feel free to contact fiber hope Email :sales001@fh-fiber , We will give you feedback in time.

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