Armored fiber optic cable

Armored fiber optic cable


Armored fiber optic cable, ф900μm or ф600μm tight buffer fibers are wrapped a layer of flat stainless steel wires and then add a layer of aramid yarn as strength unit, finally into figure 8 shape fiber optic cable with PVC or LSZH sheath.


·Multi fiber armored optical fiber cable has a layer of stainless steel wires enhance the crush resistance of the cable and anti-rodent 

·High strength aramid yarn,high performance outer sheath

·Light weight,flexibility,and friendly installation.

·Good mechanical and environmental performance.

·Flame retardant outer sheath provide good safety.


·All kinds of connector

·Fiber optic pigtails, patch cords.

·Fiber optic equipment ,fiber optic patch panel,fiber to the desk,etc

·Fiber optic equipment and instrument

·Indoor cabling,building cabling,LAN, etc

·Long distance, outdoor/indoor cabling, trunking,etc

·Backbone network to the equipment in the building

·Small installation space cabling

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