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OPGW fiber optic cable

OPGW fiber optic cable(Optical Fiber Composite Overhead Ground Wire)


OPGW optical cable optical ground wire can adopt aluminium tube type, aluminium frame type and (stainless) steel tube type structure according to user needs, which is sheathed in stainless steel.

In the casing, the casing is surrounded by aluminium-clad steel wire (AS wire), and the outer layer is wrapped with aluminium alloy wire (AA wire) and twisted into a cable. 

When the short-circuit current impacts, the aluminium tube and the aluminium frame will generate relatively high temperature and diffuse into the interior, which will affect the fiber transmission and even fiber breakage.

The stainless steel tube shape has improved a lot. If the structure contains aluminium, after exceeding 200 ℃, the first is the irreversible plastic deformation of aluminium. While the structure is damaged, the increased sag of OPGW not only can not maintain the safe distance from the wire but also may collide with the wire. 

The structure can work at 300 ℃ for a short time.


The design of OPGW optical cable fully considers the actual situation of power lines and is suitable for any newly built high-voltage transmission lines. Can be carefully designed for the user needs of different tensile strength and different short circuit current and other parameters. Matching products to achieve a good balance of mechanical and electrical performance.


OPGW cable is mainly used on 500KV, 220KV, 110KV voltage level lines, and is mainly used on new lines due to the influence of line power outages and safety. Lines with a high voltage exceeding 110KV have a large gear distance (generally above 250M). Easy to maintain, easy to solve the problem of line crossing, and its mechanical characteristics can meet the large line crossing; the outer layer of OPGW is metal armor, which has no effect on high-voltage electrical corrosion and degradation; OPGW must be powered off during construction, and the power loss is large, so OPGW fiber cable should be used in newly built high voltage 

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