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What is optical fiber? What is fiber optic cable?

What is optical fiber? What is fiber optic cable?


Optical fiber transmits signals in the form of light pulses, and uses glass or plexiglass as the network transmission medium. It consists of a fiber core, a cladding and a protective cover. Optical fiber can be divided into single mode (Single Mode) optical fiber and multi-mode (Multiple Mode) optical fiber:

Single-mode fiber only provides one optical path, which is complicated to process, but has larger communication capacity and longer transmission distance;

Multimode fiber uses multiple optical paths to transmit the same signal, and the transmission speed is controlled by light refraction.

Optical fiber is generally used for the transmission of communication networks. In the transmission process, different types of optical fibers are selected according to the environment and transmission requirements. There are the following types of optical fibers used in computer networks

A 8.3pm core/125pm shell, single-mode optical cable;

B 62.5um core/125um shell, multi-mode optical cable;

C 5OPm core/125pm shell, multi-mode optical cable;

D loopm core/140pm shell, multi-mode fiber optic cable.

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Optical cables are mainly composed of optical fibers (thin glass filaments like hair), plastic protective sleeves and plastic sheaths. There are no metals such as gold, silver, copper and aluminum in the optical cables, and generally have no recycling value. An optical cable is a communication line in which a certain number of optical fibers form a cable core in a certain manner, and are covered with a sheath, and some are also covered with an outer sheath to realize optical signal transmission. That is: a cable formed by an optical fiber (optical transmission carrier) through a certain process. The basic structure of optical cable is generally composed of several parts such as cable core, reinforced steel wire, filler and sheath. In addition, there are waterproof layer, buffer layer, insulated metal wire and other components as required.

The main reasons for the rapid development of optical fiber cables are the following characteristics:

1. The transmission bandwidth is very wide and the communication capacity is very large;

2. Small transmission loss and long relay distance, especially suitable for long-distance transmission;

3. Strong anti-lightning and anti-electromagnetic interference ability;

4. The confidentiality is good and it is not easy to be eavesdropped or intercepted data;

5. Small size and lightweight;

6. Low bit error rate and high transmission reliability;

7. Prices are declining continuously.

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