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Solutions to Common Problems in Communication Optical Cable Construction

Solutions to Common Problems in Communication Optical Cable Construction


1. The solution to environmental factors. First of all, it is necessary to determine whether hydrogen loss occurs in the outgoing optical cable. If hydrogen loss occurs, the attenuation degree can be judged by calculation, and compared with the margin reserved in the previous optical cable design. If the attenuation degree exceeds the margin, it needs to be replaced. If it is within the margin range, it can be maintained by formulating a plan. If the attenuation is caused by the physical characteristics of the optical cable itself, that is, the change of its own parameters with temperature increases, it is necessary to perform a window test, calculate according to the curve, and compare it with the design margin. If it exceeds the margin, it needs to be replaced.

2. Solve the problem of connection loss. When cutting the optical cable, it is necessary to grasp the strength and angle of the cutting. Excessive force will cause damage to the optical fiber. Incorrect observation angle will make the observation inaccurate and affect the cutting accuracy. Therefore, when operating, the observation angle should be as flat as possible. When cutting the skin, control the cutting depth to prevent fiber breakage. Stop when polyester is seen to ensure the integrity of the cutting. When peeling off the protective layer (coating layer), keep your hands clean, operate steadily and forcefully, and the length of the peeled protective layer should be 5 cm. After peeling, make sure that the exposed fiber core is clean and unstained, and use more than 99.5% alcohol to clean it before welding. When splicing optical fibers, the operator must carefully operate and observe carefully, the operating platform must be in a horizontal position, the position of the optical fiber must be placed accurately, and necessary calibration must be performed. After splicing, it is necessary to check whether the thickness of the fused optical fiber is consistent and whether there are impurities.

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3. Solve the problem of joint loss. The optical cable transmission performance test can be carried out by means of detection to minimize the loss of the joint. If the test results are not up to standard, a corresponding treatment plan can be formulated according to the specific results. Aiming at the blind area that the optical time domain transmitter is prone to appear in the detection process, the blind area can be avoided by increasing the length of the optical cable (3-4 kilometers). In actual detection, the optical fiber end is usually bent to determine the fault occurrence point, and then the orientation is determined according to the detected signal.

4. Solve the problem of laying. Before the laying of the optical cable, the route should be surveyed and the geologically active areas should be avoided. When the trench is excavated, it must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that there are no sharp debris. When jacking the pipe, protective measures such as casing must be used to ensure that the optical cable is not damaged. During the construction process, the construction personnel should communicate well and make consistent actions. Special personnel should be arranged to take care of the corners and stones where there is a lot of wear and tear to prevent problems such as excessive bending of the optical cable and wear of the protective layer. When filling the ditch after laying, first fill with a certain thickness of fine soil (more than 15 cm), and then fill with other soil to protect the optical cable.

Conclusion: To sum up, the common problems in optical cable construction are more caused by human factors, and less caused by non-force majeure. Therefore, in the construction, we should formulate plans and plans in time to solve the problems that arise. The risk of signal transmission quality in optical cable construction is relatively low.

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