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What are the steps of direct buried optical cable laying?

What are the steps of direct buried optical cable laying?


1. Burial depth. Since the direct buried optical cable is directly buried under the ground, there must be a certain distance from the ground. With the help of the tension of the ground, the optical cable will not be damaged. At the same time, the optical cable should also be protected from freezing.

2. Cleaning and backfilling of cable trenches. The bottom of the ditch should be flat, free of debris such as gravel and hard soil blocks that hinder the laying of optical cables. If the ditch is rocky or semi-rocky, 10cm thick fine soil or sandy soil should be paved and leveled at the bottom of the ditch.

After the optical cable is laid, it should be backfilled with 30cm thick fine soil or sand as a protective layer. It is strictly forbidden to mix gravel, bricks, hard soil blocks, etc. into the protective soil layer. The protective layer should be gently stepped on manually.

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3. Optical cable laying. When laying optical cables or cables in the same ditch, they should be pulled and laid separately at the same time. If it is laid in the same ditch as the direct buried cable, the cable should be laid first, followed by the optical cable, and arranged in parallel at the bottom of the ditch.

Just like laying optical cables in a ditch, they should be laid separately at the same time, and should not be crossed or overlapped at the bottom of the ditch. The optical cable should be placed flat on the bottom of the ditch or bent naturally to release the stress of the optical cable. If it is bent or arched, try to lay it flat, but it is absolutely not allowed to use strong methods such as foot stepping.

4. Identify. Marks should be set at the joints, turning points, reserved lengths or intersections with other pipelines of directly buried optical cables for future maintenance and repair. The sign can either use an autocratic logo, or borrow a permanent building near the optical cable, measure the distance between a certain part of the building and the optical cable, and record it for future reference.

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