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Micro riser Fiber optic cable

Micro /riser fiber optic cable


Micro fiber optic cable is a special indoor cable. Its optical transmission index is the same as that of ordinary optical cable. Because its outer diameter is thinner than ordinary optical cable, it is also called micro /riserfiber optic cable.

Micro fiber optic cable can be installed in tiny pipelines without digging roads, and can also be installed in pipelines with existing optical cables, saving pipeline resources and meeting real-time network expansion requirements.


1、The Micro optical cable has a small size, lightweight, and high fiber density.

2、It has good air blowing installation performance.

3、Excellent temperature performance can withstand the test of different temperatures.

4、Anti-side pressure and anti-flexure design.


◆ Used as access building cable

◆ Used as interconnect lines of equipments, and used in optical connections in optical communication rooms and optical distribution frames

◆ Indoor cabling

◆ Suitable for patch cord and pigtails, indoor distribution

◆ Distribution system cable

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