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What are the types of fiber optic cables?

What are the types of fiber optic cables?


With the development history of the domestic optical fiber and cable industry chain, most of them are a process from copper cable to optical cable, from optical cable to optical fiber, and from optical fiber to optical fiber preform. Due to the rise of optical communications, we have to learn a lot of related knowledge such as optical cables. Only in this way can we keep up with the rhythm of communications in this era. What are the classification and use environment of optical cables?  Let's learn about the types of optical cables. 

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Fiber optical cables type:

Indoor optical cable: used in indoor environment, mostly in tight sleeve structure, characterized by softness and flame retardant, meeting the requirements of indoor wiring. 

Outdoor optical cable: used in outdoor environment, can withstand climate changes, prevent water penetration, resist UV radiation, and will not be damaged under the action of strong wind and other stress.

Optical fiber type:

The type of optical fiber is determined by the mold material (glass or plastic fiber) and the size of the core and outer layer. The size of the core determines the quality of light transmission.

Optical fibers are mainly divided into two types, one is graded optical fiber, and the other is step-up optical fiber. The refractive index of the former is gradual, while the refractive index of the latter is abrupt. In addition, it is divided into single-mode fiber and multi-mode fiber. In recent years, new photonic crystal fibers have come out. The optical fiber is a double structure, the core part is high refractive index glass, and the surface part is low refractive index glass or plastic. The light propagates in the core part, and is continuously reflected at the surface junction, propagating forward along the zigzag shape. This kind of fiber is thinner than the hair. It is an amazing technology to have such a thin fiber with a dual structure distribution with completely different refractive index. After years of hard work, scientists from various countries have created "internal adhesion method", "MCVD method", "VAD method", etc., and made ultra-high purity quartz glass. The efficiency of light transmission by specially made optical fiber has been greatly improved. 

The life of an optical cable is mainly determined by two aspects: one is the life of the material used in the optical cable, and the other is the life of the optical fiber in the optical cable. The life of the optical cable material includes the life of the various materials used in the optical cable and the influence of the interaction between them on life. The life span of the optical fiber in the optical cable is mainly determined by the stress (strain) experienced by the optical fiber during its service.

The current better optical fiber has a light propagation loss of only 0.2 decibels per kilometre; that is to say, it only loses 4.5% after one kilometre. Although the optical fiber laser is not lethal, it is still dangerous to look directly at it.

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Finally, we need to pay attention to the fact that we need to add different protective layers outside the cable core according to the different application environments of the optical cable to better protect the optical fiber. 

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