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Fiber hope Multimode 10 Gb Fiber Patch Cord OM Series

Fiber hope Multimode 10 Gb Fiber Patch Cord OM Series


The multi-mode 10 Gb optical fiber patch cords produced by Fiber hope have several standards: OM1, OM2, OM3 and OM4. It is widely used in 10 Gigabit fiber optic network systems.

What is the OM standard of multimode 10 Gigabit fiber patch cords?

The core diameter of the OM1 10 Gigabit multimode fiber is 62.5μm. In the transmission wavelength of 850nm, the bandwidth is 200MHZ, and in the transmission wavelength of 1300nm, the bandwidth is only 500MHZ, which cannot truly achieve 10 Gigabit transmission. In the standard from OM2 onward, the core diameter of multimode fiber is 50μm. Taking OM3 as an example, the transmission wavelength bandwidth of 850nm can reach 2000MHZ. OM4 is the same as OM3. In the network with 850nm wavelength of 10G/S, OM3 and OM4 The transmission distance can reach 300M and 550M respectively. OM4 is the standard with the longest transmission distance in a 10 Gigabit network system.

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What standard can Fiber hope's 10 Gb fiber achieve?

In a sense, OM4 is the standard and upgraded version of OM3 multimode fiber. At present, the OM3 series of multi-mode 10 Gigabit fibers sold on the official website of Fiber hope fiber jumper can approach and reach the OM4 standard in many indicators.

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