Fiber optical cable clamp/fittings

About fiber optical cable clamp/fittings (fiber optical cable hardware accessories),there are two main types of optical cables used for power communications when erected on overhead transmission lines: OPGW optical fiber composite overhead ground wires and ADSS all-media self-supporting optical cables. OPGW is usually used on newly built power lines, and ADSS is often used on existing power lines.

Fiber optical cable clamp/fittings (fiber optical cable hardware accessories) are different from power fittings. They are used to connect and combine OPGW or ADSS optical cables, play a role in load transmission and protection, and enable OPGW or ADSS optical cables to be erected as metal accessories in overhead lines.

OPGW, ADSS optical cable clamp/fittings/ hardware accessories (ADSS accessories, OPGW accessories ) mainly include pre-twisted tension fittings, pre-twisted suspension fittings, connector boxes, down-lead clamps, clamps, anti-vibration devices, anti-vibration whips, protective strips, terminal boxes, fastening clamps and Supporting hardware, usually supplied by optical cable manufacturers.

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