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Indoor fiber optic cable

The indoor optical cable is an optical cable that is laid in a building and is mainly used for communication equipment, computers, switches, and end user equipment in buildings. In order to pass information.

The classification of indoor optical cables, due to the limitations of the building environment and laying conditions, has led to the complication of the structural design of indoor optical cables, the diversification of materials used in optical fibers and optical cables, and the mechanical and optical properties of optical cables.

The indoor cable has a low tensile strength and a poor protective layer, but it is also lighter and more economical. Indoor fiber optic cables are primarily suitable for wiring within buildings and for connections between network devices. No metal.

Indoor optical cable is generally not long, can use multi-mode, the same multi-mode bandwidth can use Gigabit, 10 Gigabit optical cable, general non-metallic reinforcing core, using aramid, etc., indoor optical cable as its name suggests is generally suitable for indoor optical cable, he It is generally divided into indoor tight sleeves and branches. Because it is used indoors, he does not need to have a waterproof structure, so the softness is better and the bending performance is high. The transmission speed is fast, the signal is clear and stable, the interference is good, and the transmission traffic is large.

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