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What are the precautions for direlct burial laying of optical cabe wiring?

What are the precautions for direlct burial laying of optical cabe wiring?


1. When bending the optical cable, the minimum bending radius cannot be exceeded.

2. The traction force of laying optical cable should not exceed the maximum laying tension. At the same time, the optical fiber should be prevented from being subjected to excessive external force (side pressure, impact, bending, twisting, etc.).

3. The termination and maintenance of optical fiber should be carried out by technical personnel who have received strict training. When optical cables are used in the backbone, at least 6-core optical cables should be used in the wiring room of each floor, and 12-core optical cables should be used for advanced applications. This is considered from three aspects: application, backup and capacity expansion. As for the networking mode of the optical fiber, it is also very flexible. can be realised:

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A. Point-to-point: establish a high-speed channel between two computers. The transmission rate is several Mbps to hundreds of Mbps, and the distance can reach 2 kilometers (multimode) to 5 kilometers (single mode).

B. Star network: establish a star network topology through optical fiber network equipment.

C. Ring network: the signal regenerator is connected by optical fiber to form a loop.

The above is the full content of the requirements for the direct burial of optical cable wiring. In fact, the external factors of optical fiber attenuation are related to the construction of optical fiber wiring, because during the construction and laying, the optical fiber is caused by deformation, coupling loss between optical fiber and light source, and connection loss between optical fibers. , these can actually be reduced during the construction process.

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