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What are the common questions about fiber optic cables?

What are the common questions about fiber optic cables?


1. What is the significance of the numerical aperture (NA) of a step index fiber?

Answer: Numerical Aperture (NA) indicates the light-receiving ability of the fiber. The larger the NA, the stronger the light-collecting ability of the fiber.

2. What is the birefringence of single mode fiber?

Answer: There are two orthogonal polarization modes in a single-mode fiber. When the fiber is not completely cylindrically symmetric, the two orthogonal polarization modes are not degenerate. The absolute value of the difference between the two orthogonal polarization modes is the for birefringence.

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3. What are the most common optical cable structures?

Answer: There are two types: layer twist type and skeleton type.

4. What is the main composition of the optical cable?

Answer: It is mainly composed of: fiber core, optical fiber ointment, sheath material, PBT (polybutylene terephthalate) and other materials.

5. What is the armor of the optical cable?

A: It refers to the protective element (usually steel wire or steel tape) used in special-purpose optical cables (such as submarine optical cables, etc.). The armor is attached to the inner jacket of the cable.

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