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What's the difference between the GYTS cable and the GYTA cable

What's the difference between the GYTS cable and the GYTA cable


GYTS is inner steel armor, and GYTA is inner aluminum armor. Both structures are the same. The resistance to side pressure of aluminum tape is not as high as that of steel tape, but the rust resistance and moisture resistance of aluminum tape are better than that of steel tape.

GYTS cable is mainly divided into GYTS multi-mode cable and GYTS single-mode cable.Also known as layer - stranded cable.It is a communication cable with transmission speed like light. The GYTS cable has wide width, fast transmission speed, good confidentiality, anti-electromagnetic interference, good insulation, long life and good chemical stability.

The GYTA fiber optic cable is constructed with 250 micron fibers packed into a loose casing made of high-modulus material, filled with a waterproof compound.The center of the cable core is a metal reinforced core, for some fiber optic cable core number, metal reinforced core outside also need to squeeze a layer of polyethylene (PE).Loose casing (and filling rope) is twisted around the center stiffener to form a compact and round cable core, with gaps in the core filled to block water filler.APL coated aluminum strip (APL) longitudinally wrapped and extruded polyethylene sheathed cable.

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