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Common classification and characteristics of optical fiber connectors

Common classification and characteristics of optical fiber connectors


With the development of the communication industry, optical communication products to meet various needs have been put into the market. We may know little about the classification of this type of products and their characteristics. So, in today's article, let's take a brief look at one type of product: fiber optic connectors.

 Optical fiber connectors, commonly known as 'joints', as the name suggests, are used to connect components between optical fibers and optical fibers, and are detachable devices. The two ends of the fiber need to be precisely butted together, so that the light energy output from the transmission fiber can be coupled to the receiving fiber to the greatest extent, and the influence of the fiber participating in the optical link on the system can be minimized. This is the fiber connection. basic requirements of the device. It can be said that the optical fiber connector affects the reliability and performance of the optical transmission system to a certain extent.

According to different classification dimensions, fiber optic connectors can be divided into different types:

1. According to their different uses, fiber optic connectors are divided into: fiber adapter (Adaptor), optical attenuator (Attenuator), fast connector (Fast Connector) and cold connector (Mechanical Splice).

In principle, different types of fiber optic connectors cannot be mixed and connected, but since PC, SPC and UPC types are all flat, connecting together will generally not cause damage to the connector. The APC type connector is completely different, because it has an angle, if it is connected with other types (such as UPC type), it will cause mechanical damage. Therefore, the APC type connector can only be connected to the APC type. As shown below:

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2. According to the end face shape and grinding degree of the connector, it can be divided into PC type, SPC type, UPC type and APC type.

3. According to the structure of the fiber optic connector, it can be divided into various models such as ST, SC, FC, LC, MT-RJ, MPO/MTP, E2000, etc.

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