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How to extend the service life of fiber optic cables?

How to extend the service life of fiber optic cables?


As we all know, we use fiber optic cable as a transmission medium when we carry out long-interval data transmission, because it has the characteristics of reliable function, high quality, fast speed, low line loss, and long transmission interval. Because it is a long-interval transmission, generally the optical fiber cable on the land requires a safe operating period of more than 20 years, while the submarine optical cable system requires a higher, 25-year safe operating period.

Therefore, how to correctly use optical cables in optical fiber wiring and how to extend the life of optical fibers and cables are issues of great concern to everyone. Next, we talk about how to extend the service life of fiber optic cables from the structure of the fiber optic cable.

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Three factors affecting the service life of optical fiber cables: ①The long-term effect of the residual stress when the optical cable is laid unreasonably; ②The existence and propagation of micro-cracks on the surface of the optical fiber; ③Water and water vapor molecules in the atmospheric environment affect the appearance of the optical fiber The erosion and so on.

Because of the above reasons, the mechanical strength of the optical fiber based on quartz glass gradually decreases, and the attenuation gradually increases, which eventually causes the optical fiber to crack and the optical fiber and cable cannot be used continuously.

When the fiber is in a vacuum environment, because there are no water molecules, stress erosion will not occur. Its fatigue parameter n is the maximum, and the fiber also has the highest strength. The strength at this time is the inert strength of the fiber, which is called Si . The service life ts of the optical fiber in the operating environment is related to the stress σ it accepts and the inert strength Si of the fiber as follows: lgts=-nlgσ+lgB+(n-2)lgSi The last two items in the above formula are It is constant, so when the stress σ encountered is conserved, the service life ts of the fiber is only related to the fatigue parameter n value of the fiber. The larger the value of n, the longer the lifetime ts of the optical fiber.

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Ways to extend the service life of optical fiber and cable:

1. Improve the static fatigue parameter n of the optical fiber to improve the service life of the optical fiber. Therefore, when people make optical fibers, they try to isolate the quartz fiber itself from the atmospheric environment so that it is not affected by the atmospheric environment. As much as possible, the value of n is changed from the environmental data parameter to the optical fiber data itself. The value of n becomes very large, resulting in a "seal and coating technique" on the surface of the optical fiber.

In the past ten years, the use of "sealing and coating technology" to make optical fibers has made great progress. The coating materials extend from metals to metal oxides, inorganic carbides, inorganic nitrides, carbides, oxynitrides and CVD deposited amorphous carbon. The coating structure has evolved from a single metal coating layer to a composite coating layer structure combining a sealing coating layer and an organic coating layer, which makes the optical fiber more valuable for practical use, and the optical function, mechanical function and anti-fatigue function of the fiber have been improved.

2. When the fatigue parameter n is kept, the life ts of the fiber is only related to the stress σ encountered by the connection. Therefore, reducing the stress experienced by the fiber connection is a way to improve the service life of the optical fiber. When people make optical fibers, a kind of contraction stress is formed on the surface of the optical fiber to resist the tensile stress encountered, so that the tensile stress is reduced to the smallest possible degree, and the compressive stress cladding technology is produced to make the optical fiber.

In summary, we can know that in the process of making fiber optic cables, we must pay attention to moisture and waterproofing, reduce residual stress, and make every kind of original material of fiber optic cable itself. It must have a service life of more than 30 years and high stability. Function and chemical function. As long as the quality of each production process is strictly controlled, the service life of the optical fiber and cable can be prolonged.

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