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FIBER HOPE will be exhibited at the 2019 expo

FIBER HOPE will be exhibited at the 2019 expo


news-FIBER HOPE will be exhibited at the 2019 expo-Fiber Hope-imgFIBER HOPE光通讯On June 5

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On May 29, 2019, the four-day expo came to a successful conclusion in guiyang, attracting nearly 26,000 guests and 448 enterprises from 61 countries.As the first big data theme expo in the world, with its leading advantages of internationalization, specialization and marketization, digital expo has become the weather vane of global big data development and the most international and authoritative platform for achievements exchange in the industry.With the theme of "innovative development, mathematical future", this year's data fair aims to discuss major issues, seek cooperation and promote development together.

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FIBER HOPE will bring DAC&AOC connection scheme, data center application scheme, 400G mainstream optical module and FIBER jumper to the exhibition.

DAC&AOC link scheme

Active fiber optic cable AOC and high-speed cable DAC are used for data center rack to rack connection. AOC generally has the best length within 5-30m, and DAC can be selected for short distance connection within 5m.

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Data center applications

High performance optical modules with high reliability and scalability are needed to connect servers or storage devices to switches.Different optical modules, fiber jumper, fiber distribution box and pre-terminal module box can be selected according to different schemes.

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400G main optical module and fiber jumper

Low cost and power consumption are the requirements for optical modules in the data center. The packaging of 400G optical module is mainly based on qsfp-dd, which has backward compatibility with QSFP28.400gbase-sr8 adopts single-wavelength one-way 8 channels of multi-module optical fiber, each channel transmits 50Gbps, 16-core MPO interface, OM3 (70m) /OM4 (100m) /OM5 (150m) optical fiber;400gbase-sr4.2 adopts 4-channel parallel transmission technology and wavelength division multiplexing technology. Each channel transmits 50Gbps in two directions, with a total of 100Gbps.400gbase-dr4 adopts single-mode fiber single-wavelength parallel transmission technology, and each channel transmits 100Gbps unidirectional.

Domestic manufacturers have already shipped 400G optical module products, supporting transmission distance within 10KM, which can meet the requirements of the next generation of data center. However, most manufacturers are still in the sample stage at present, and it is expected that the mass production and commercial use will be gradually implemented in the second half of 2019.

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FIBER HOPE Optical communication is a high-tech enterprise engaged in product sales and technical service in the professional field of communication technology.We can provide you with various data center solutions according to your requirements.

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