Fiber optic jumper wire production process is what?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-19

fiber optic jumper is very common in our daily life, then what is the production process of it?

about steps of the production process: cut cables - - - - - - - Wear parts - - - - - - - With glue - - - - - - - Fiber optic insertion - - - - - - - Heat curing - - - - - - - Stripping - - - - - - - Grinding - - - - - - - End face inspection - - - - - - - Assembly - - - - - - - Test - - - - - - - The QA sampling - - - - - - - The packing.

the following production steps:

a, cutting cable

is mainly with aramid cut according to the need to cut the length of the cable, and then a simple correction.

2, wear parts

this part is mainly of various parts in advance to wear into the fiber, the process behind the convenience. Through the wire, in order for rubber sheath, heat shrinkable tube, support tube, spring, should pay attention to the direction is correct.

three, with plastic

of the 353 nd glue is mainly through the aid of partA and partB 10:1 according to the proportion of mixing uniformity, and to minimize the bubbles.

4, optical fiber insert

first of all, the skin of the fiber with peel fiber pliers and coating layer stripping, then pour good glue, use a syringe or injecting glue tail handle of insert core, the optical fiber to wear by manual injection have glue inserted in the core and show part of the optical fiber.

5, heat curing

put good wear the plug of the fiber core in curing furnace baking above, until the end of the 353 nd glue solidified completely

6, stripping

the first curing the good optical fiber head with the cutting knife cut off the front to show the redundant optical fiber, and then put all optical fiber head to grinding fixture, reoccupy to glue sand paper burnish, to achieve the purpose of remove the plug core head glue. Seven, grinding

after will go to the adhesive of fixture, the grinding machine grinding, the general process 9 u 3 u 1 u 0. 05 u, milling time and pressure have a certain relationship with abrasive paper.

eight, face detection

magnified 400 times end detector is used to check the insert core end face grinding effect how, in general, have black spots, larger scratches face as unqualified, the need to grinding processing.

9, assembly

plug mill good core and components assemble into connection with head, and through the pressure of by forceps or pressure take tail casing pressure. Ten, test

use plug return loss tester for measuring optical fiber head of the main data insertion loss and return loss, general requirements of single-mode insertion loss less than or equal to 0. 3 db, the return loss is greater than or equal to 50 db. Higher requirements of fiber optic jumpers will need to do 3 d interference test ( Three main data for vertex offset, the radius of curvature, optical fiber level) 。

11, QA sampling

quality inspection personnel to sampling, testing of qualified products to control the quality.

12, packaging

the qualified products to the final packaging.

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