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Low-loss optical fiber, the new darling of the optical fiber market

Low-loss optical fiber, the new darling of the optical fiber market


Optical fiber is a light transmission medium made by the total reflection of light in glass or plastic fibers. Because of its large frequency, bandwidth, and low loss, it has become the best tool in the field of modern information transmission. In the case of low-loss optical fiber, the microscopic space is only one-tenth of the thickness of the hair. By optimizing the dopant material and changing the waveguide structure, the light will be scattered less and the reflection and transmission will be smoother.

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Let's take a look at this "bullish" fiber called low-loss single-mode. Its appearance is the same as that of ordinary optical fiber, and it is protected by a thick plastic sheath with a single diameter of 250 microns. The "glass filament" inside the protective cladding has a light transmission diameter of only 9 microns, but it is the real "protagonist". The optical signal is transmitted fast here, with low loss; the capacity is large, and the transmission is far.

Optical fiber is like a highway. In a limited space, the road needs to be built as wide as possible to allow cars to run more and faster. To improve optical fiber transmission performance, you can only use your brains in a microscopic space that is only one-tenth of the thickness of a hair. By using a series of high-tech methods to optimize the dopants in the glass fiber, extract the essence and remove the dross, and at the same time change the waveguide structure of the glass fiber, the two work together to build an information highway, so that the scattering of light is less, the reflection and transmission are more Smooth.

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"If the maximum transmission distance of an ordinary optical fiber is 100 kilometers, then the optical fiber loss is reduced by 10%, which means that the transmission radiation area can be increased by 33% on the original basis, and the transmission speed is faster.

Fiber hope low-loss single-mode fiber has an annual production capacity of 1 million core kilometers, which has become a key purchase product for many operators in long-distance transmission backbone networks.

With the rapid development of 100G and 400G high-speed broadband, mobile Internet, data centers, cloud computing and other services, traffic is growing rapidly, and communication bandwidth bottlenecks are becoming increasingly obvious. New high-performance optical fibers are urgently needed to build a new generation of high-speed optical fiber broadband networks. Next, Shengwei Fiber will continue to advance into ultra-low loss, large effective area fiber, seize the consumer electronics fiber market such as high-end multimode fiber and AOC suitable for data center transmission, enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and expand the global market share.

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