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What is the production capacity of Fiber Hope?

What is the production capacity of Fiber Hope?


Hope Optical Fiber Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech optical fiber cable manufacturer, specializing in optical fiber cables, optical fiber cables and other optical fiber communication products. The company develops and sells optical cables and optical connectors MPO/MTP fiber jumpers, 100G high-density optical modules, patch panels for basic industries, communication operators, communication engineering, data rooms, weak current intelligent systems, integrated wiring, highway maintenance , Railway construction, safety, etc.


Our factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with advanced testing equipment and production control. We have more than 30 indoor and outdoor fiber optic cable production lines, with an annual production capacity of 3 million cores GYXTW GYTA GYTS GYFTY GYTC8S GYTC8A GYXTC8Y ADSS and other optical cables.

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One-stop service for household optical communication materials. The development cycle is short, the sampling time is fast, and it can be delivered globally.


Products and customized services: We provide indoor and outdoor optical cables, single-mode optical cables and multi-mode optical cables, FTTH, ADSS, OPGW optical cables, please contact us for more detailed information. You can choose OEM's existing products, or customize fiber optic patch cords, MPO/MTP cables, indoor/outdoor fiber optic cables and other fiber optic cables for mass production and mass production of available communications based on your needs or samples. Bulk optical cables are available, please contact us for the price of optical cables.

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The capacity is as follows:

Fiber optic cable capacity is: 300km/day

Patchcord capacity is: 3000 connector/day

For more information, please contact fiber hope:


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