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What are the common questions about fiber optics?

What are the common questions about fiber optics?


1. What are the dispersions of optical fibers? What is it about?

Answer: The dispersion of an optical fiber refers to the expansion of the group delay in a fiber, including modal dispersion, material dispersion and structural dispersion. Depends on the characteristics of both the light source and the fiber.

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2. How to describe the dispersion characteristics of the signal propagating in the fiber?

Answer: It can be described by three physical quantities, pulse broadening, fiber bandwidth, and fiber dispersion coefficient.

3. What is the cutoff wavelength?

Answer: It refers to the shortest wavelength that can only transmit the fundamental mode in the fiber. For single-mode fibers, the cutoff wavelength must be shorter than the wavelength of the transmitted light.

4. What effect will the dispersion of optical fiber have on the performance of optical fiber communication system?

Answer: The dispersion of the fiber will cause the optical pulse to broaden during the transmission in the fiber. It affects the size of the bit error rate, the length of the transmission distance, and the size of the system rate.

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5. What is the backscattering method?

Answer: Backscattering is a method of measuring attenuation along the length of the fiber. Most of the optical power in the fiber is forward propagating, but a small portion is backscattered towards the emitter. Using a spectroscope at the illuminator to observe the time curve of backscattering, from one end can not only measure the length and attenuation of the uniform fiber that is connected, but also measure the local irregularities, breakpoints, and damage caused by joints and connectors. Optical power loss.

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