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What are the common questions about fiber patch cords?

What are the common questions about fiber patch cords?


1. How many types of fiber optic connectors are commonly used?

Answer: According to different classification methods, fiber optic connectors can be divided into different types. According to different transmission media, they can be divided into single-mode fiber optic connectors and multi-mode fiber optic connectors; according to different structures, they can be divided into FC, SC, ST. , D4, DIN, Biconic, MU, LC, MT and other types; according to the pin end face of the connector can be divided into FC, PC (UPC) and APC. Commonly used fiber optic connectors: FC/PC fiber optic connectors, SC fiber optic connectors, and LC fiber optic connectors.

2. In the optical fiber communication system, the following items are common, please indicate their names.

Answer: AFC, FC type adapter ST type adapter SC type adapter FC/APC, FC/PC type connector SC type connector ST type connector LC type jumper MU type jumper Single-mode or multi-mode jumper

3. What is the insertion loss (or insertion loss) of the fiber optic connector?

Answer: It refers to the value of the effective power reduction of the transmission line caused by the intervention of the connector. For the user, the smaller the value, the better. ITU-T stipulates that its value should not be greater than 0.5dB.

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4. What is the return loss (or reflection attenuation, return loss, return loss) of a fiber optic connector? 

Answer:  It is a measure of the input power component reflected from the connector and returned along the input channel, and its typical value should not be less than 25dB.

5. What is the most prominent difference between light emitting diodes and semiconductor lasers?

Answer: The light generated by the LED is incoherent light with a wide spectrum; the light generated by the laser is coherent light with a narrow spectrum.

6. What is the most obvious difference between the working characteristics of light emitting diodes (LEDs) and semiconductor lasers (LDs)?

Answer: LED does not have a threshold, LD has a threshold, and only when the injection current exceeds the threshold will the laser be generated.

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