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New products (August to September)

New products (August to September)

  1. The first new product is MTP breakout 48F.The pictures and related descriptions are as follows:

    news-Fiber Hope-img

    news-Fiber Hope-New products August to September-img


    2.0mm singlemode 48F MTP harness is mainly installed in the MTP fiber optic cassette, panels or backbone trunk assemblies with the active equipment ports, saving costly data centre rack space and easing fibre management. Senko brand Standard Loss MTP connector piece parts and ferrule ensure the good optical performance, and at the same time it is cost-effective. Every MTP connector of ORC is 100% tested under the 3D interferometer equipment with traceable data.


    ◆ 40/100G Optical Modules Connectivity

    ◆ Data Center Cabling


    ◆ Cassettes And Rack mount

    ◆ Telecommunication Network


    ◆ Polarity options are TIA style A, B, or C (Method B is standard)

    ◆ Fan-out fibers from MPO/MTP connectors into individual simplex or duplex

    ◆ Customized for length, staggering, connector type, breakout style, fiber count, and labeling

    ◆ Available in OS1/2, OM2, OM3 and OM4

    ◆ Available in FC,LC, SC, ST, MU, and MTP

    ◆ Fast to upgrade and reduce installation time

  2. The second new product is Mini/riser cable 12-144F fiber optic cable,The pictures and related descriptions are as follows:

    news-New products August to September-Fiber Hope-img

    news-Fiber Hope-img-1


    Micro riser fiber optic cable is a special indoor cable. Its optical transmission index is the same as that of ordinary optical cable. Because its outer diameter is thinner than ordinary optical cable, it is abbreviated as micro cable.


    ◆ Used as access building cable

    ◆ Used as interconnect lines of equipments, and used in optical connections in optical communication rooms and optical distribution frames

    ◆ Indoor cabling

    ◆ Suitable for patch cord and pigtails, indoor distribution

    ◆ Distribution system cable


    1.The optical cable has a small size, light weight, and high fiber density.

    2.It has good air blowing installation performance.

    3.Excellent temperature performance can withstand the test of different temperatures.

    4.Anti-side pressure and anti-flexure design.

As long as it Fiber Hope Fiber Optic Cable accepts the order, it will strive to produce the most suitable and perfect  fiber optic cable for customers.

For more new product detail information, please contact Fiber hope: sales001@fh-fiber.com

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