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Introduction of common fiber specifications and fiber advantages

Introduction of common fiber specifications and fiber advantages


1. Common fiber specifications

Single mode: 8/125μm, 9/125μm, 10/125μm

Multimode: 50/125μm European standard; 62.5/125μm American standard

Industrial, Medical and Low Speed Networks: 100/140μm, 200/230μm

Plastic: 98/1000μm for car control

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2. The advantages of optical fiber

● The passband of the optical fiber is very wide. Theoretically, it can reach 3 billion megahertz.

● No hop length. Dozens to more than 100 kilometers, only a few hundred meters of copper wire.

● Not affected by electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic radiation.

● Light weight and small size. For example: 900 pairs of twisted-pair cables with 21,000 voice channels, the diameter is 3 inches, and the weight is 8 tons/KM. The optical cable with ten times the communication volume is 0.5 inches in diameter and weighs 450P/KM.

Optical fiber communication is not charged, it is safe to use and can be used in flammable and violent places.

● Wide range of ambient temperature for use.

● Chemical corrosion, long service life.

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