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How to check the quality of fiber optic cable?

How to check the quality of fiber optic cable?


As we all know, the quality of the transmission medium in integrated wiring is very important to the entire project. This is not only the service life of the integrated wiring project, but also the guarantee of its quality and performance. People are often keen to use optical fiber cables as long-distance transmission media because optical fiber cables have the advantages of strong resistance to electromagnetic interference, low signal attenuation, large capacity, light weight, small size, and long transmission distance.

Tip 1. Choose fiber optic cables based on materials

Materials used in optical cables and production processes The selection of optical cable materials is key to the service life of optical cables. The manufacturing process is an important link that affects the quality of optical cables. Products with stable processes and excellent quality are basically not included in the optical fiber additional loss in the entire process of optical cable production. ≤0.01dB/km is the basic data to measure the manufacturer’s optical cable manufacturing process level. .

Tip 2: Choose fiber optic cables based on the number of cores

The structures of different types of optical cables can be selected according to the number of cores, which can be divided into central bundle tube type, layer strand type, skeleton type and ribbon type. The structures are different for different uses. Users can put forward corresponding requirements according to the line conditions. Generally, those with less than 12 cores adopt the central bundled tube type. The central bundled tube type has a simple process and low cost, and is competitive in overhead laying or branch trunk line networks with good pipeline protection. Layer-stranded optical cables use centrally placed steel strands or single-stranded optical cables. Reinforced by a steel wire, SZ continuous synthetic cable is used, and the number of fibers in the cable can reach 144 cores.

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Tip 3: Choose fiber optic cables based on usage

Choose the corresponding optical cable according to the purpose. Depending on the purpose, optical cables can be divided into aerial optical cables, direct buried optical cables, submarine optical cables and metal-free optical cables. Aerial optical cables require high strength and a small temperature difference coefficient; direct-buried optical cables require good burial resistance, pressure resistance, moisture resistance, moisture resistance, and chemical erosion resistance; pipeline optical cables and submarine optical cables require water pressure resistance, tension resistance, and good waterproof properties; none Metal optical cables can be erected together with high-voltage lines. The insulation must be good. Although there is no iron core to strengthen the cable, it must have a certain tensile strength.

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