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What is the repair process of optical cable line fault?

What is the repair process of optical cable line fault?


1. The processing after the fault occurs, different types of line faults, the focus of processing is different.

(1) The same route has a total resistance fault that can be communicated by an optical cable. The personnel on duty in the computer room should use other good fiber cores to block the services on the fiber according to the emergency plan at the first time, and then repair the faulty fiber as soon as possible.

(2) For a total resistance fault where there is no optical fiber to connect, follow the emergency plan to implement rush-pass or direct repair of the obstacle point.

(3) The optical cable has non-total resistance, and there are remaining optical fibers available. Use spare fiber cores or other optical cables on the same route to pass through services on faulty fiber cores. If there are many faulty fiber cores, not enough free fiber cores, and no other optical cables with the same route, the secondary circuit can be sacrificed to pass through the important circuit, and then the faulty fiber core can be repaired without interrupting the circuit.

(4) There is non-total resistance in the optical cable, and there is no remaining optical fiber or optical cable with the same route. If the blocked fiber is an important circuit, use other non-important circuit fibers to pass through the blocked fiber, and use the method of continuous cutover to repair the faulty fiber core urgently.

(5) The transmission quality is unstable, and the system is up and down. If there is a spare fiber core or other fiber optic cable with the same route, the service on this fiber can be transferred to other fibers. Find out the reason for the decline in transmission quality and deal with it in a targeted manner.

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2. Fault location

If it is determined that the optical cable line is faulty, it should quickly determine which relay section the fault occurs in and the specific situation of the fault, and ask the network management room in detail. According to the judgment result, immediately notify the relevant line maintenance unit to judge the fault point.

3. Preparation for emergency repair

After the line maintenance unit receives the failure notice, it should quickly load the emergency repair tools, instruments and equipment and set off, and at the same time notify the relevant maintenance lineman to find the cause and failure point in the nearby area. The preparation time for emergency repair of optical cable lines shall be implemented in accordance with regulations.

4. Establish a communication system

After the repair personnel arrive at the fault point, they should immediately establish a communication system with the transmission room.

5. Organization and command of emergency repairs

The emergency repair of optical cable line failure is led by the maintenance department. During the emergency repair period, it pays close attention to the on-site emergency repair situation and cooperates well. The emergency repair site is directed by the leader of the optical cable line maintenance unit.

While testing the fault point, the emergency repair site should designate a special person (usually an optical cable operator) to organize the excavation personnel to stand by, and arrange the logistics service work.

6. Emergency repair of optical cable lines

When the point of failure is found, emergency optical cable or other emergency measures should be used, firstly, the main optical fiber channel should be cleared, and the communication can be quickly restored. Observe and analyze the situation at the scene, make records, take photos, and report to the public security organs.

7. Business recovery

After the on-site optical cable repair is completed, the computer room should be notified in time for testing, and communication should be restored as soon as possible after verification is available.

8. On-site treatment after emergency repair. After the emergency repair work is over, check the tools and equipment, sort out the test data, fill in the relevant registration, handle the scene, and stay with a certain number of personnel to protect the scene of the rescue.

9. Line data update. After the repair work is over, sort out the test data, fill in the relevant forms, update the line information in time, summarize the repair situation, and report to the superior department in charge.

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