The choice of optical fiber cable

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-25

1, the cable of some selected

under the condition of construction is convenient, try to choose set larger cable. Choosing some fiber optic cable, want to combine benefit and long-term planning, give full consideration to the possibility of expansion; According to 'build a line service a large' guiding ideology, give full consideration to each big unit along the communication needs.

2, selection of cable structure program

a long trunk cable should use 1310 nm wavelength window, and can be used in the 1550 - nm window of single-mode fiber; Tension of fiber filter should not be less than 5 n ( Newton) ; With no wire cable, the lightning severe or high voltage influence area can be used to strengthen the fiber cable and non-metallic components cable core structure of oil filling.

cable sheath structure selection rules: overhead and cable pipe ( Simple plastic pipe) As the moistureproof layer + PE outer sheath; Directly buried cable moistureproof layer + + PE inside guard layer + PE outer sheath steel tape armoured layer; Water cable moistureproof layer + + PE inside guard layer thick steel wire armoured layer + PE outer sheath.

on the mechanical properties of the fiber optic cable shall be in accordance with table 1. 1. Cable under short-term allowing tension or lateral pressure, after the tension or lateral pressure relieve fiber attenuation does not change, fiber elongation is not greater than zero. 15%; Cable in long-term under allowing tension or lateral pressure, optical fiber attenuation does not change, fiber elongation is not greater than zero. 2%, creation without strain.

3, the selection of water cable

navigation powerboat, sailing, raft more main river shipping, steel wire armoured cable should be adopted; When the water velocity especially urgent, channel changes greatly, double-layer steel wire armored cable should be adopted; The river width ( Between the two dike or natural shore) More than 150 m plain rivers, appropriate USES steel wire armoured cable; Some river width is less than 150 m, but larger flow velocity ( More than 3 m/s) , riverbed soil loose, vulnerable to erosion on both sides of the Taiwan landslides, rocky or for rocky river, river boulder riverbed, should be to use just the bottom of wire armoured cable; Some river width not more than 150 m, but the riverbed soil stability, flow velocity is small, the river is straight and no erosion phenomenon, don't use just wire armoured underwater cables; Mountainous rivers, should according to the size of the riverbed soil, the velocity and flow rate, the degree of scour and upstream hydrological conditions. Standby water cable set, considering the factors are: large rivers; The larger rivers; riverbed stability performance is very poor There are other special requirements; Limited to the natural terrain and construction conditions, the safety degree of fiber optic cable is poor or difficult to repair.

fibre optic cable transmission speed are required in the manufacture of almost every product and fibre optic cable transmission speed fiber optic cable is one of the most common machines.
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