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Is the insertion loss of the fiber patch cord as small as possible?

Is the insertion loss of the fiber patch cord as small as possible?


Often customers require optical fiber jumpers with particularly low insertion loss. For example, two days ago, a customer customized APC patch cords, and the insertion loss was less than 0.1dB. Such high-level jumpers can be produced, but the cost is higher than telecom-level jumpers. So is the insertion loss of the optical fiber patch cord as small as possible? the answer is negative.

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Optical fiber patch cords are used as devices for patching signals and connecting optical paths. The smaller the insertion loss, the smaller the attenuation, but the blind pursuit of excessive optical parameter requirements. The materials and processes of optical fiber patch cords must be greatly improved, which requires a high cost. The cost, the price/performance ratio is inappropriate. In the design of the optical system, the design power of the light source will have a reserved amount, which is greater than the power actually used. Through optical attenuators, optical splitters and other devices, the power is reduced to the power required for actual use. Therefore, the insertion loss of the optical fiber jumper used as a connection can meet the requirements of carrier-grade. If you want to make the performance of the jumper better, such as the interchangeability, reliability, and consistency, it is recommended that the customer use the jumper end face over-interference (3D) fiber jumper, which is now a high-standard jumper in the world. Require.

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