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What are the application scenario of optical fiber patch cords?

What are the application scenario of optical fiber patch cords?


With the rapid development of networks in recent years, traditional network connection tools have become increasingly unable to meet people's requirements for network speed. Therefore, optical fiber transmission products have developed rapidly in recent years. The emerging optical cable transmission provides a better choice for network connection, and optical fiber jumper is an extension of the end of the optical cable. It effectively reduces the pain points of traditional transmission such as excessive attenuation, unstable transmission, and short transmission distance.

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With the rapid development of the modern Internet, traditional transmission methods can no longer meet data transmission in important areas such as large-scale network data centers, cloud storage centers, and communication rooms, and more high-end optical transmission equipment is bound to provide guarantee. The cost of the fiber jumper transmission method is lower than that of the traditional transmission method, the transmission rate is higher, up to 100Gb/s, and the attenuation is lower, and the transmission distance is longer. However, most users still don't know very well what are the usage scenarios of fiber optic patch cords? Today, the editor of Fiber Hope will give you a popular science on the use of optical fiber patch cords.

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The application scenarios of optical fiber jumpers are mainly that when the operator's optical cable is connected to the user's destination, it is divided into several branches through the optical cable terminal ODF optical fiber distribution frame, and then flexibly and conveniently connected to various terminal products through the optical fiber jumper, such as: Network equipment such as servers and switches.

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In order to meet the more comprehensive application of fiber optic patch cords, Fiber Hope manufacturers have developed and produced a rich and complete range of fiber optic patch cords and peripheral supporting products. You can purchase them all at one stop and save more time. If you have fiber optic requirements, please inquire!

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