The basic knowledge of optical transceiver

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-05

working principle of the optical transceiver

optical transceiver is generally applied to Ethernet can't cover, optical fiber must be used to extend the transmission distance of actual network environment, the short twisted-pair electric signals and optical signals over long distances to swap. Optical transceiver is the use of optical fiber communication with its information capacity big, the secrecy good, the light weight, small volume, WuZhongJi transmission distance bench, etc. , and well solve the problem of the Ethernet in transmission.

optical transceiver application

1. Make the interconnection between switches

2. Realizes the interconnection between switches and computer

3. To realize computer interconnection between

4. Transmission trunking: when actual transmission distance than transceiver of nominal transmission distance, especially when the transmission distance of more than 120 km, in field conditions allow, using two transceivers for relay or the light - back to back Light converter for relay, it is a kind of economic and efficient solution.

5。 Single multimode conversion: when there is need to network between single multimode optical fiber connection, can connect with 1 single multi-mode converter, solving the problem of single multi-mode light conversion.

6。 Wavelength division multiplexing transmission: when the long-distance optical cable resources, in order to improve the distribution of fiber optic cable, reduce cost, transceiver and wavelength division multiplexer, let the two lines of information transmission in the same light line.

optical transceiver using method

because we often use the Internet cable has great limitations in the transmission distance, so when we are in the big network, will need to use the relay equipment, of course, also can choose other types of circuit to transmit, optical fiber is a kind of very good choice, optical fiber transmission distance very far, generally speaking generally in more than 10 km, single-mode optical fiber transmission distance and the multimode optical fiber transmission distance is 2 km.

want to know how to use optical transceiver, must first know what role does the optical transceiver. In simple terms, the role of the optical transceiver is light signal and the signal conversion between. From light mouth input optical signals from the electrical output signals, vice versa. The whole process is about: converts electrical signals into light signals, are transmitted through optical fiber, again at the other end to convert optical signals into electrical signals, then access routers, switches and other equipment.

so, optical transceiver is usually used in pairs. Such as the optical transceiver or other equipment in the telecom room and your optical transceiver should be corresponding. Of course, on the basis of this, you can use a pair of transceivers set up their own local area network (LAN).

optical transceiver and switches, the electricity, plug in, can don't need to do other configuration, fiber inserted into the light, crystal head inserted into the mouth.

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