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What other trends can't be ignored in fiber optic data centers?

What other trends can't be ignored in fiber optic data centers?


The continuous popularization of cloud computing, big data technology and applications, and the rapid implementation of artificial intelligence are promoting the transformation of the optical fiber data center industry.

The development of data center technology presents various trends:

In terms of technology trends, high density and greening are triggering changes in data center infrastructure. On the one hand, driven by high cost and high energy consumption, the power supply architecture of data centers has been gradually simplified; on the other hand, the expansion of business volume and the improvement of power density have promoted liquid cooling to become a new trend in fiber-optic data center cooling.

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As a new cooling method, liquid cooling is emerging worldwide. Unlike traditional air cooling, liquid cooling directly guides the heat source through the liquid to take away heat, and does not need to be cooled indirectly through air circulation like air cooling, so it has higher heat dissipation efficiency, more energy saving and lower operating noise. At present, with the rise of artificial intelligence technology, the application scale of GPU and TPU servers continues to grow, and liquid cooling applications gradually penetrate from supercomputing centers to data centers in various industries.

At the same time, the modular data center has also entered the stage of mass production and application, becoming a new mode of data center construction. The modular data center model was pioneered by an Internet company in my country, which successfully migrated the construction of the data center from the "construction site" to the "factory". Compared with the traditional data construction cycle of 2-3 years, the modular data center can be deployed within 40 days.


Customization is also becoming the development direction of data center facilities and equipment. The white paper believes that this trend is first manifested in the iterative innovation of self-designed cabinet servers to support new technologies and new applications. Secondly, the telecommunications industry explores deeply customized servers and is committed to promoting the reconstruction of telecommunications networks.

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