Telecommunication level fiber optic jumper wire and the difference between network level jump line

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-14

1, the attenuation degree

levels telecommunications fiber optic jumper than network failure to reduce fiber optic jumper, data transmission is more stable, not easy to lose.

2, grinding times

grade telecom fiber optic jumper wire grinding process generally for 5 times, network level fiber optic jumper for 4 times.

3, price

grade telecom fiber optic jumper wire price is some higher than network level fiber optic jumper.

so the market demand of telecommunication level jump line is greater than the network level of jump line, then we know about the telecommunication level jump line application environment.

grade telecom fiber optic jumper applications

grade telecom fiber optic jumper has low insertion loss, good repeatability, good compatibility, good environmental adaptability, therefore widely used in heavy

to the network environment, such as national defense readiness, data center machine room, the optical fiber to the home, bone qian LAN and so on.

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