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What is the difference between optical fiber and optical cable?

What is the difference between optical fiber and optical cable?


Many cables now use optical cables, because optical cables have strong stability and are much cheaper than ordinary cables. But there are many friends who don't know the difference between optical fiber and optical cable. They also have questions about which fiber is faster. In fact, everyone can distinguish clearly as long as you know the meaning of optical fiber and optical cable. Let's take a look at the difference between optical fiber and optical cable.

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So what is the difference between optical fiber and optical cable?

1. Optical fiber is a thin and soft medium that transmits light beams. Most optical fibers must be covered by several layers of protective structures before use, and the covered cables are called optical cables. Therefore, the optical fiber is the core part of the optical cable. The optical fiber is protected by some components and the auxiliary protective layer to form the optical cable.

2. The protective structure of the fiber outer layer can prevent damage to the fiber by the surrounding environment. Optical cable includes optical fiber, buffer layer and coating. Optical fiber is similar to coaxial cable, except that there is no mesh shield. In the center is the glass core through which light propagates.

3. Optical fibers are usually bundled and protected by a casing. The fiber core is usually a double-layer concentric cylinder with a small cross-sectional area made of quartz glass. It is brittle and easy to break, so an additional protective layer is needed. So their difference lies in this.

Advantages of optical cable:

Fiber optic cables are a new generation of transmission media. Compared with copper media, fiber optic cables have greatly improved in terms of safety, reliability, and network performance. The bandwidth of optical fiber transmission greatly exceeds that of copper cables, and the maximum distance supported is more than two kilometers. Fiber optic cables have the advantages of good resistance to electromagnetic interference, strong confidentiality, high speed, and large transmission capacity.

At present, there are two different types of optical fibers that are more common, namely single-mode optical fibers and multimode optical fibers. Multimode fibers are generally used for network connections in the same office building or in relatively close areas. The single-mode optical fiber transmits data with higher quality and longer transmission distance, and is usually used to connect office buildings or geographically dispersed networks. If you use fiber optic cables as the network transmission medium, you need to add optical transceivers and other equipment.

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