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Introduction of optical cable types

Introduction of optical cable types


There are various optical cable types, according to the laying method, structure, purpose, transmission method, etc, they can be divided into different types, let's see flowing details. 

1. According to the laying method, there are self-supporting overhead optical cable, pipeline optical cable, armored buried optical cable and submarine optical cable.

2. According to the optical cable structure, it is divided into: beam tube optical cable, stranded optical cable, tightly held optical cable, ribbon optical cable, non-metal optical cable and branchable optical cable. The following is a schematic diagram of a typical optical cable structure.

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3. According to the purpose, there are optical cables for long-distance communication, short-distance outdoor optical cables, hybrid optical cables and optical cables for buildings.

4 According to the transmission method:

Multimode fiber (MMF, multimode fiber): Can transmit multiple modes of light. However, the inter-mode dispersion is large, which limits the frequency of the transmission of digital signals, and it becomes more serious with the increase of distance.

Single-mode fiber (SMF, single-mode fiber): Only one mode of light can be transmitted, so the inter-mode dispersion is very small, which is suitable for remote communication.

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Fiber optic cable manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of optical cable is generally divided into the following processes:

1. Optical fiber selection: select optical fibers with excellent transmission characteristics and qualified tension.

2. Dyeing of optical fiber: Use standard full chromatogram to mark, and it is required that high temperature does not fade or migrate.

3. Secondary extrusion: select high elastic modulus, low linear expansion coefficient plastic to extrude into a certain size tube, put the optical fiber into and fill in moisture-proof and waterproof gel, and finally store for a few days (not less than two days).

4. Optical cable stranding: stranding several extruded optical fibers with the strengthening unit.

5. Squeeze the outer sheath of the optical cable: add a layer of the sheath to the stranded optical cable.

The above is the fiber optic cable model and type introduced for you, I hope it can help you understand fiber optic communication. 

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