The structure of the fiber optic cable

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-14

according to the state of coating optical fiber in optical fiber cable, fiber optic cable has tight structure and loose structure. Skeleton type optical fiber cable is a kind of typical structure. Optical fiber embedded in skeleton peripheral spiral flute, is there room to activities. This kind of fiber optic cable isolation characteristics of the external force and prevent the microbend loss is better. Figure 2 b type stranded cable when using tightly packaged fiber is a kind of typical structure, coated fiber was tightly wrap the structure, but the twisted type using a loose pack fiber optic cable, due to the optical fiber can activities in the secondary coating plastic pipe, is still loose structure. Hinged type optical fiber cable technology is relatively simple, the performance good. In addition, there are ribbon cable, such as single core cable structure type.

all kinds of fiber optic cable has enhanced, to carry tension. It is composed of high modulus of elasticity of high strength material, commonly used with steel wire, high strength glass fiber and synthetic fiber high modulus aramid fiber, etc. To enhance a cable in the use of produce only very low elongation deformation under stress ( For example, less than 0. 5%) To protect the fiber from stress or only under low stress, in case fiber fracture.

cable sheath structure and material depending on the use environment and the request, and using the same cable under the condition of basically the same. According to the use of fiber optic cable environment, directly buried aerial optical cable, optical cable, submarine optical cable, optical cable field, etc.

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