Pipeline optical cable laying to meet any requirement to you?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-05-23

pipe laying is generally in urban areas, pipe laying environment is good, so no special requirements to optical cable sheath, no armor.

the length of the first must choose the installation of the pipe laying and the location of the connection point. Can be used when laying by mechanical or manual traction. A traction traction should not exceed the allowed tension of cable. Production of the pipe material can be selected according to the geographical concrete, asbestos cement, steel, plastic, etc.

the installation must meet the following requirements:

1, the cable should be put in tube hole wear before laying hole, fiber optic cable selected 1 hole with dice tube wear, always did not use the tube mouth should add the plug to protect children.

2, considering the installation process for the manual operation, in order to reduce the loss of the fiber optic cable connector cable pipe manufacturers should adopt the whole plate installation.

3, should reduce as far as possible in the process of laying cloth when traction, the whole dish cable from middle to both sides respectively cloth, and auxiliary traction among each manhole shall arrange for.

4, cable wear put hole location should conform to the requirements of the design drawings, before pipeline laying optical cable should be flush pipe hole. Distributed tube in hand hole should be bared pipe hole more than 15 cm long.

5, hand hole wife tube with plastic textile network management interface seizing with PVC tape, so as to avoid infiltration of sediment.

6, fiber optic cable in people, Hand) When installed in the hole, if the hand hole in plate, fiber optic cable is fixed on the plate, if the hand hole plate, the cable should be fixed on the expansion bolt, expansion bolt down hook mouth requirements.

7, cable pipe hole 1 within 5 cm should not make bending processing.

8, each hand hole and computer cable and ODF frame adopts plastic signs to show the difference.

9, cable pipe and electrical power lines must be at least 8 cm thick concrete or 30 cm thick soil compaction.

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