How to choose data for optical module room dedicated fiber optic jumper?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-07-15

in the field of optical fiber communication, there is no optical module and data room special fiber optic jumper cannot achieve optical fiber network. The transmission medium, interface, data rate transmission distance, and different light module of the brand will be different. Identification of the optical module is simpler, but to choose the appropriate fiber jumper for optical module is still an option, then communication is to help you light module to choose the appropriate fiber optic jumper.

transmission medium: copper and fiber optic

light module according to the different transmission medium is divided into general copper optical modules and fiber optical module. MSA( Measurement Systems Analysis, Measurement system Analysis) Defines several electro-optic modules, electric light module usually adopts the GBIC, SFP and SFP + standard, generally have RJ45 interface. Cat5/6/7, therefore, fiber optic jumper wire is usually used to connect to port light module. 40 g data transmission in the future, will develop support Cat8 network jumper.

fiber optic jumper wire

if you use the optical module, relatively more complicated, because need more types of fiber optic jumper optical module. Special data room is divided into single mode and multimode fiber optic jumpers. Single-mode fiber jumper wire can be divided into OS1 and OS2 single-mode fiber jumper, and multimode fiber jumper wire can be divided into OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5. With different fiber optic jumper wire is suitable for different usage scenarios. Single-mode fiber jumper wire support long distance transmission, multimode fiber jumper link can be used for a short distance.

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