Fiber optic cable is need common knowledge

by:Fiber Hope     2020-06-28

the main material is quartz fiber optic cable, namely SIO2, depending on its transmission mode can be divided into single mode and multimode optical fiber, one of single-mode fiber main G. Commonly known as 652 B1, etc. , multimode are mainly G. 651.

the structure of the fiber optic cable, outdoor cable mainly center tube bundle, gysts and skeleton type optical fiber cable.

center tube bundle type, cable center is pine casing, strengthen the artifacts around the pine casing, such as common GYXTW type optical fiber cable, optical cable some smaller, generally under 12 core.

gysts cable, reinforcement in the center, some more, such as common GYTS, through the combination of pine casing can get bigger some cable, at present the company gysts cable some 288 core is even higher.

GY - - - - - - - Communication outdoor optical cable

GJ - - - - - - - Indoor optical cable

MG - - - - - - - Coal mine with cable

( Unsigned) Said loose tube section gysts structure

X - - - - - - - - - - - - - Center of tubular structure

G - - - - - - - - - - - - - Framing structure

T - - - - - - - Filling type

Z - - - - - - - The flame retardant type

4 G. Methods 652 single mode optical fiber cable specification of 4 b1 or 4 b1. 1, if the same optical fiber containing different specifications of the cable, use the '+';

if the 50/125 multimode optical fiber contains 4 root, said method is 4 a1 or 4 a1a;

cable applied occasion:

single sheath cable is generally used in aerial or laying, double sheath cable is generally used in buried, indoor optical fiber cable is suitable for the building and interior.

cable performance comparison:

general single-mode optical fiber cable transmission distance is far, in more than 20 km, and multimode fiber optic cable to the transmission distance is near, within 2 km.

fiber high environmental performance comparison:

fiber high and low temperature performance ( - - - - - - 40 ~ + 60) Degrees can be, and the waterproof performance is better.

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