The future development of data center technology?

by:Fiber Hope     2020-08-06

on the trend of the development of the technology, high density, green is causing change data center infrastructure. On the one hand, driven by the high cost and high energy consumption, data center power supply architecture gradually simplified; Business expand and improve power density, on the other hand, prompting surface become a new fashion data center cooling.

as a new way of refrigeration, liquid-cooled is growing worldwide. Unlike traditional air-cooled, liquid-cooled heat can be taken away through the liquid directly to heat source, do not need to like the air-filled indirectly through the air circulation cooling, so the cooling efficiency higher, more energy saving and running noise is smaller. At present, under the artificial intelligence technology rise, GPU, TPU server application has grown in size and surface application gradually by the super calculate center to permeate industry data center.

at the same time, the modular data center also entered the stage of mass production application, become the new data center construction mode. Modular data center pattern was invented by Chinese Internet companies, success will be the construction of data center by the 'site' migrated to 'factory', 2 - compared to the traditional data The construction period of 3 years, modular data center can be deployed within 40 days.

according to open up the data center committee ( ODCC) Statistics, by the end of 2018, the amount of deployment module data center has grown from 300 in 2013 to 5500, equivalent to more than 50000 20 a frame size, 9100 40 module data center to complete a whole cabinet deployment, equal to 1. 80000 20 a standard cabinets, modular data center has completed about 70000 standard rack deployment, server capacity of more than 1 million units. The size of the modular data center application has brought significant benefits, according to the survey, run for six years, modular data center performance is stable, the average 0 drop in PUE. 2 - 0. 4, operating costs by 20% 40%.

customization is also become the development direction of data center facilities. This trend is the first performance in the independent design of the whole cabinet server iterative innovation support new technology application. Second, the telecommunications industry to explore depth customization server, is committed to advancing the telecom network fabric again.

of particular concern is that higher performance and speed data center IT equipment technology development trend, this is mainly embodied in three aspects: the efficiency of a breakthrough in the CPU, GPU, server server bottleneck, computing speed is improved; Second, the emergence of the SSD changed mechanical hard disk dominated market pattern; Three, flash memory technology power solid-state drives breakthrough capacity limits, is expected to drive costs down.

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